The Pharmacy faculty of Gazi University was established at 1982 by the No 41 law, recognizing the decree regarding to the No 2809 law.  The institution started to work at 1968 as Anadolu Pharmacy Private College. At 1971 due to the No 1472 law, it was nationalized and combined with Ankara Pharmacy Private College as A.I.T.I.A. The education of the college was kept on until 1979 when its name was change to A.I.T.I.A pharmacy faculty. At 1982 it was taken as the Gazi University, faculty of pharmacy structure. By transition to the university structure, the faculty members showing rapid development as a result of education and training, research and consultancy services, 18 books and 881 articles were prepared and 667 papers were presented. The 314 of mentioned articles were published at international journals and 365 of the papers were presented in abroad conferences. Such a statistics indicates the important role of the faculty in world of international science especially in the pharmaceutical field. The majority of the national projects are supported by the Gazi University funding. Lack of physical space has been corrected with additional building that was completed in June of 1998.

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